And the Coverage Falls Apart….

Today I sporadically followed the results of the curling semifinals on NBC’s Olympic Web site and on my beloved Facebook group, The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team’s Pants, as I didn’t have the station access (or time) to watch the whole match. The group’s updates were most reassuring as NBC had the Norway vs. Switzerland results reversed on the page (an error they have since fixed – I’m glad they found their map).

“The Pants” are going on to the finals against Canada, which by all accounts should be quite a match.

Now that I am getting in the spirit of this, I am becoming more curious about the sport, so I followed up on a link to the Vancouver Sun coverage of the match that the Facebook group provided.

I was startled by the Sun‘s account:

Switzerland scored two in the sixth end to make the lead to 5-3. Norway responded with one in the seventh to cut the lead to 5-4. Norway scored two in the ninth and Sweden got one back in the tenth, making the final 7-5.

So, apparently, through the fifth end of the semis, each team scored for itself, bringing the score to Norway 4, Switzerland 1.  (This is, by the way, confirmed by the sheet on the NBC page.)  Then they began to score randomly, sometimes for each other.

Finally, in the tenth end, someone called in the Swedish players from their loss to Canada and had them score an extra one on Switzerland’s behalf – presumably, to get Sweden used to playing the Swiss for the bronze medal.

I had no idea curling was so complicated.  I must be sure to watch Saturday.  Maybe Cameroon will come into it somehow.

Or maybe those pants scrambled a few brains in the press box.