About Connective Visions

Connective Visions presents my investigations into and musings upon a variety of topics, most with a connection to current events. It’s chiefly a blog, but with a few twists and turns – which is how my brain works.

I believe the seeds of innovative thinking lie in examining smaller areas and exploring their connections with others. Since my own experience has roots in Lutheran Christianity, humanities-based academics, the professions of editing and writing, and life in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, these areas inform much of my exploration. My interests range from communications technology to travel (especially in the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden), and in these areas, too, I find inspiration. I cast a wide net, and I see what I haul in.

For me, it’s a grand adventure. I hope it proves the same for you.


For all our differences, we have similarities. For all our similarities, we have differences.

Obvious? This standard truth is the most forgotten element of almost every friendship, romantic relationship, business partnership, merger of organizations, and alliance between nations.

It’s what makes the to-and-fro of dialogue not only meaningful but essential.

Connective Visions welcomes not only your readership but your response. Think of it as a body of water: I put in one drop, and it ripples. Your comment is another drop, widening the ripples. In this way we reach wider and wider, intersecting with one another and pulling apart.

That said … this is a privately hosted site, and the goal of allowing comments is to promote civil dialogue, not diatribe. So I apply certain guidelines, and I moderate comments to stay within them:

  1. Comments must be relevant to the post on which they are made.
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  4. I will appreciate your keeping snarky political asides and rude jokes to your Facebook page or your own blog, where people who know you better can be entertained (or not) by you.
  5. I protect against spam. This includes forbidding any advertising of a page when it is not accompanied by comment relating substantively to the post. (I am glad you enjoy reading my writing with your morning coffee. I still won’t sell your sneakers for you.)
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The posts are open for comment only for 14 days after I put them up, to allow me the ability to manage them and respond. My apologies if you wanted to put in two more cents. Conversations weren’t meant to go on forever.

Copyright and Permissions

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All images and photos, unless otherwise indicated, are my own and likewise copyrighted. Increasingly, I embed a notice indicating the copyright owner within the photograph. My main reason for doing so is to deter stock photography warehouse sites from taking the image and selling it to their benefit. If you are a small blogger or a Web site wishing to use a particular image without the notice, please contact me at jlm(at)connectivevisions(dot)com to discuss obtaining a clean copy of the image.

I use some works from Wikimedia Commons under the specific licensing terms indicated there, and with attribution when the work is not in the public domain. I link these images to their Wikimedia Commons source page; should you wish to use them, observe the terms of reuse indicated on the Commons. Should you identify an error in attribution, please contact me at jlm(at)connectivevisions(dot)com, so that I may correct it and notify the Commons of any new information regarding the image.

In general, think of the site as the home of someone you don’t know well, and treat it as you would like someone to behave in your space under similar circumstances.

That should get you off to a good start….